Conference/Meeting Look

Going for an office or any formal meeting and conference then this look will definitely work for you. Your look defines your confidence. 

“ Always dress well, keep it simple but significant.”


Your Top

Image 1- Burnt orange shirt

Your Skirt

Image 2- Grey pencil skirt

You are going for an office or for any official meeting or conference then try this pencil skirt with burnt orange shirt.

 “ Style a pencil skirt with on trend color formal shirt to end the office     day in style”.

Your Hairstyle

Image 3- Hairstyle

“ A Perfect hairdo makes your day’’.

When going for an office try to make  hairstyle with a ponytail or bun. Your hair should be tied properly, it should look neat. Open hair is not considered as good hairdo professionally. 

Your Makeup

Image 4 – Nude Peach Lipstick

 Makeup is not a mask.

 It is an art.

 It is passion.

 It is an expression.

When going for an office your makeup should be light and simple. Try this peach lip color with your burnt orange formal shirt and pencil skirt and you are ready for the office. 

Your Footwear

Image 5- Black Wedges

The footwear you choose for an office should always be comfortable, since you have to wear it for long it should not hurt you.

Try these black closed toe wedges with your formal skirt and shirt. It is really comfortable and stylish also.

Your perfect meeting/conference look is ready, go flaunt it confidently.

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