Choice of right Color according your skin tone

Skin tone varies from very light to dark, the very light skin tone is of pinkish color and talking about dark it’s a yellowish tone.

In India people generally have medium or darker skin tone that means you will find it mostly yellowish skin tone.

Image 1- Skin Tone Type

The best way to find out your skin tone is through foundation, apply foundation on your skin, if it fully absorbs into your skin it means your skin tone is same as foundation shade.

Let’s know about the colours to choose with Dark , medium and fair skin tone.

1. Dark skin tone

Image 2- Dark Skin Tone

With dark skin tone you can go with bright and pestle Colors both but avoid shades of brown, otherwise it will make you look more Dark.

2. Medium skin tone

Image 3- Medium Skin Tone

Medium skin tone is generally between dark and fair, it is wheatish color and mostly indians skin tone is of this color. Colors goes well with medium skin tone, is a little brighter or darker shades of colours like beige,magenta instead of mauve, orange etc.

3. Fair skin tone

Image 4- Fair Skin Tone

 It is a pinkish skin tone, which is rare to find in India. The clearly contrast colors with this skin tone looks good, like  Brown, bottle green, hot pink , burnt orange.

Now you can decide your skin tone with the help of foundation and choose colors according to it and look amazing.

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