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Image 1- Office Look

Hello readers, I hope you all are doing fine during this pandemic.
Lock down is being released and now soon our day to day life will start again. Soon we’ll start going to our workplace and after the whole lock down we all are very excited to go out again and meet our friends and colleagues and to get on our normal routine as it was before the pandemic. Beside excitement we’re also little confused and stressed about our grooming and outfits as we were in home for a long time and was not able to go shopping but don’t worry! In today’s blog I’ll show you a great fusion which is not only a great choice for your daily office use but also very comfortable.

Perfect Fusion

Harpa V-neck Maroon stripped top with Istyle Can Women’s Slim Fit Trouser and white formal shoes and Lino Perros women’s Tote Grey Bag and Pitch Brown Lipstick for your glossy lips.

Get whole combination

Top (Harpa V- neck Maroon stripped top)
This V-neck Stripped Maroon Top is a great option for your daily office look. It’s 100℅ polyester and being very comfortable it also looks great.


Image 2- Harpa Formal Top

Trousers (Istyle Can Women’s Slim Fit Trouser)
If you’re looking for something that’s comfortable but also attractive , it’s perfect for your need. It’s fabric is cotton which makes the trousers very comfortable.


Image 3- Istyle Can Women’s Slim Fit Trouser

Lipstick (SUGAR Cosmetics Nothing Else Matter Longwear Peace Brown Lipstick)
Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick has a very soft and a premium matte finish. This lipstick is water resistant and also masks the unevenness of the lips very well. This product is dermatologically tested and is 100℅ safe for your skin.


Image 4- Suger Peace Brown Lipstick

Bag(Lino Perros women’s Tote Grey Bag)
This bag is a faux leather material which makes the bag strong to resist from external forces. Being strong the bag is very attractive and which will go well with your daily outfits.


Image 5- Lino Perros women’s Tote Grey Bag

Footwear (Footshez Women’s Formal White Shoes)
This is a very comfortable slip on shoes which is made of synthetic material which makes it strong.
It’s heel type is wedge and it’s heel is 2 inches.


Image 6- Footshez Women’s Formal White Shoes

Hope you guys like this formal fusion, let me know in comments.

Stay home, Stay safe!

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