What every retail store owner should do to increase its sale post-pandemic?

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Retail stores suffered a lot of loss due to the pandemic situation and every retail owner is now finding ways to increase its sales. If you landed on this blog then you might be finding ways to increase your sales in your store. Post pandemic, retail stores have to change their plans of action, you can’t use pre-pandemic techniques to increase your sales. In today’s blog, I am going to tell you some sales techniques you should start to work on if you want to increase your sales. Let’s dive in!

1. Go online

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I can not stress it enough but if you are a retail owner in 2020 you have to move your business online. Many retail owners are doing the biggest mistake of their life by underrating the power of the internet. If you still haven’t moved your business online do it right now because this pandemic is going to change everything. This pandemic will completely change the old/pre-pandemic rules of sales and you don’t want to sit in your stores and wonder why you are not getting enough customers. There are a few great sites to move your business online like www.godaddy.com , www.wix.com, etc. and my reason behind stressing too much on moving your business online is because during this pandemic no one wants to go out, risking their lives just for shopping. Everyone now is trying to find an easy and safer way to shop and the only way to do that is shopping online. Now the choice is yours either move your business online now or regret it later. 

2. Start a newsletter

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Just like moving your business online newsletter is widely underestimated but the newsletter is a great way to reach your customers. Now if you are wondering what is a newsletter? A newsletter is a tool that is used to communicate with your customers/audience daily through emails. You can use this newsletter to distribute your store offers and discounts to a wider audience. If you want to know more about how to create a newsletter read this blog  https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-create-email-newsletters-ht.

3.Changing the store environment

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Nothing is going to be the same as before so as a retail store owner you should start thinking ways to make your store environment more comfortable and safe. Few things you can do is minimize your staff, maintaining social distancing, compulsory masks for staff, and customers and contact less transactions. You can also have a mask counter where people without masks can buy masks before entering into your shop.

4 Using BOPIS

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You must be wondering now what is BOPIS, BOPIS stands for buy online, and pick up at the store. If you have your business online you have to make this feature available on your website or app because people will try to spend less time in stores. During this pandemic, as a retail store owner, you also don’t want to have a crowd of people in your store but this feature will help you in minimizing people in your store making your store safer for customers.

5.Easy replacement and return policy

Image 5- Easy Return & Replacement

Many stores have no return policy but if you have a business online you have to make an easy replacement and return policy because as a customer we all sometimes don’t like thing we ordered so by giving this feature to your customer, you will give them one more reason to shop from your store and one loyal customer is worth more than money.

These are the few techniques you should start implementing as a retail owner in 2020. Now it’s your time to implement these techniques. 

All the best!  Stay safe and stay connected.

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