Pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe

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When we stepped into this quarantine period nothing was decided, how many days are we going to stay locked up, how long are we supposed to stay on the made-at-home diet and how long before we can go out and shop for our favourite clothes and renew our wardrobe for the next season; these were some of the few questions revolving in our minds.

While we were in the quarantine our fashionable clothes were in fashion quarantine and most people started preferring comfort over style. This time also turned out to be a time of self style analysis, women took time to decide which clothes make them feel comfortable and confident. According to a research held in U.K, ‘many brands have already changed their clothing styles accordingly’.

For a long time we had no idea about our lives getting back to normal, but now we are pretty sure that this isn’t going to last long and we have to get our lives back on track, get back to work and start attending lectures physically instead of zoom classrooms. Before we had this certainty we had traded our jeans for sweatpants and our heels for slippers. We were used to the comfort of our beds and all those office chairs will feel strange now, but something that will help us fit back into our old routines is our wardrobe and some particular piece of clothes that should be a part of every women’s wardrobe.

This time we came up with this topic on demand. Let’s know which clothing items are must have and should be a part of your closet:

Basic Denim

Image 2- Jeans

Denims never go out of style! Even though we’ve been spending all of our time in sweatpants lately, they cannot replace our denim jeans, after all jeans can be worn regularly to any occasion and can easily be teamed up with anything, be it a classy top or a rugged tee. Take time to find a quality pair in your preferred cut i.e, straight, skinny or oversized also make sure that it makes you feel comfortable every time you put them on. Having a variety of washes, including dark wash, light wash and black jeans is recommended.

• Good bra

Image 3- Good Bra
Image Source: Zivame

We all know that comfort is the basic rule to carry any outfit with confidence, to make sure that you are comfortable in your skin you should always have a good bra, the type that doesn’t cause irritation while wearing and isn’t problematic after a hectic day at work or college. Make sure your bra is comfortable and doesn’t squeeze your breasts, also make sure that it doesn’t make them look saggy. A classic T-shirt bra or a perfect coverage bra will make you feel comfortable on the inside and will give you the perfect look on the outside. Other than these you can opt for a padded bra or an underwire contour bra.

Basic tees

Image 4- Basic Tee
Image Source: Flipkart

These go with anything and make any outfit look chic. These will also be the most commonly worn outfit in your closet so make sure to style them uniquely. Also with a lot of colour choices available you can basically select one for each occasion. Similarly a white tee is versatile and can be worn on any day. The right white tee completes the office look when worn along with a pencil skirt. Other than this you can style any T-shirt with a leather jacket or cardigan along with boyfriend jeans for an effortless look. You can either opt for crew neck or V-neck tee or maybe both.

• Jackets

Image 5- Jacket
Image Source: Flipkart

An outerwear is something that you can always rely on, be it a leather jacket or a basic denim jacket. You can always layer these up with a basic tee or any top. Jackets go perfectly well with floral dresses as well as little black dresses. If you don’t feel confident about an outfit just layer it up with a jacket to give it a more satisfying look. You can easily throw a jacket over a whit tee and jeans for a style boost and can also style with your work wear. Leather jackets if taken proper care of, can last for decades giving them an added benefit.

• Scarfs

Image 6- Scarf

If you don’t feel confident about an outfit go ahead and pair it up with a chic scarf. You can opt for floral prints to give spring vibes to your outfit or solid colours to give your outfit a monochromatic look. Scarfs can be used to shield oneself from cold and rain too giving them an added benefit. Also if you’re in no mood to accessorize your outfit you can always wear a scarf to give yourself the perfect look. You can also tie your scarf with different types of stylish knots by following a few steps available on YouTube tutorials.

• Cardigans and knit sweaters

Image 7- Cardigan
Image Source: H&M

These will give you a cozy look and are really comfortable to wear. While cardigans can be teamed up with basic tees and dresses, a sweater can be worn directly above a jeans or with a T-shirt underneath. Cardigans are also lighter and thinner than sweatshirts and hoodies making them easier to handle and to be worn in when the weather isn’t chilly.

• Tote bag

Image 8- Tote Bag
Image Source: Nykaa

A tote bag has enough space to fit your laptop along with other essential items making it a go to accessory. You can carry it from work to drinks and even on a weekend getaway. There’s enough space in these that it can fit in a chapstick and a charger along with a laptop and still leave room for more items. Totes can easily be paired up with any outfit be it something traditional or a casual tee. Make sure you have a tote because it lasts a long time and you’ll need it everywhere.

• Sunglasses

Image 9- Sunglass
Image Source: Amazon.in

Most of you must already have many pair of sunglasses while some can still be struggling with finding the right type of sunglasses that goes along with your face. These days sunglasses aren’t a mere accessory but are a part of a complete outfit. You can also go for different styles of sunglasses such as tiny frames, but make sure to buy a cheaper model as you won’t regret if it doesn’t fit or gets out of fashion. Right frame of sunglasses for your face shape can enhance your features and elevate your style.

• Simple flats

Image 10- Basic Flats

Flats, shoes and loafers are versatile and give the right look for anything from meeting to shopping. A go-to pair of flats boosts confidence whenever you need it also the perfect pair goes along with any outfit from jeans and tee to a floral dress. Make sure to buy a comfortable pair that doesn’t bite you and doesn’t affect your gait.

With these basic things in your closet you can easily look stunning for any occasion. We hope that you like our choice of particular pieces of clothes and add these to your wardrobe, also you can style any other option of clothing that is on your mind in any way you feel comfortable.

We will be back with solutions to more fashion emergencies, until then stay safe and keep experimenting with your style.

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