How to get the perfect tomboy look?

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Hello, fashion lovers! Hope everything is going well. We are really happy that you guys liked our previous blog post and requested us to come up with some new styling fusion. Well don’t worry, as the majority of you requested us to come up with “Tomboy Fusion” so here we are.

To begin with let us understand what tomboy means, according to wikipedia, ‘a tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of a boy. Common characteristics include wearing masculine clothing and engaging in games and activities that are physical in nature and are considered in many cultures to be unfeminine or the domain of boys.’

Not every girl likes to wear dresses and flaunt, some prefer comfortable clothing. If you’re a girl who prefers to keep it simple and tops and skirts aren’t your comfort clothing, then tomboy look is your saviour. Tomboys prefer comfortable clothes which have a boyish look. They don’t like girly stuff such as dresses and skirts; they prefer loose denim, pants, tees, sneakers, and backpacks.

Tomboys are a more casual type of person, they love adventure and are more into free space and relaxed look.

In this blog we will discuss the clothes, shoes and accessories that make up the tomboy look, so you look your best self and stay confident in a crowd of people.

Here are the tips and outfits that will make you feel comfortable and will add the tomboyish look to your daily style:

• Boys section

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Tomboy fashion is all about dressing like boys, so why not try the boys section. Head to the boys section of your favourite store and pick out everything that appeals to your style. You can look for graphic tees, classic shirts and oversized hoodies, the clothes will be little baggy, but this is the beauty of tomboy clothes. Other than this you can opt for unisex clothes, these can be worn by both boys and girls and there are many stores that have unisex clothing options.

• Loose tees and shirts

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Comfort is the most basic aspect of the tomboy style and what other than loose clothes is better at providing comfort along with looking stylish. You can always go for solid oversized t-shirts or tees with brand names or skater themes, or ones with funny images or phrases on them. You can simply tuck them inside your jeans for a comfy look. Along with these you can go for cotton shirts in boyish colours and add a layer to your outfit. These shirts can be used to layer upon pretty much every outfit.

• Loose pants

Image Source: Carousell

The tomboy style is defined by not wearing skirts or dresses, instead wearing comfortable pants that have a boyish look. The most famous choice for a tomboy look is boyfriend jeans, these are cut like a boy’s pants but are fitted for a girls body and can be found everywhere. These can be paired up with simple tee or hoodie or even a kurti to add the elements of tomboy look. Distressed denims, athletic pants and black opaque leggings are also great apparel for girls wanting to dress like a tomboy.

• Hoodies

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Hoodies are till date the most comfortable outfit and never fail to make you look stylish and keep you cozy, they also make a great tomboy outfit. Sweatshirts and zip-up hoodies are perfect for colder weather. Go for a plain hoodie in dark colour or graphic hoodies for the perfect boyish look. Oversized hoodies are in fashion and keep you warm and comfy. If you feel hot in these hoodies then you can remove them and tie around your waist for another boyish look.

• Jackets

Image Source: Myntra

Whether it be denim or leather, a jacket can instantly transform any look, they also last long if taken proper care of. You can always layer these up with any inner wear to get the perfect boyish look. Put a jacket over any tee tucked in jeans to add an element to your outfit. These days layering up a jacket over a hoodie in colder days is the new cool and can give you the perfect tomboyish look. The best part of jackets is that they can be carried over any outfit to give the most casual look.

• Backpacks

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Purses look chic to carry but most of the times there are storage issues which come along with them. Jeans have pockets but most women jeans don’t have deep pockets to carry even a phone properly. To solve all these problems backpacks exist, they have enough storage space, are easy to carry anywhere do not cause trouble while carrying to count a few. You can fit anything from a small chapstick to your notebooks and what not. While purses give a more feminine look backpacks can be used to go for a boyish look.

• Sneakers and slip on

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Being a tomboy is about being able to run easily, so go on and pick some comfortable and cool sneakers. When buying shoes keep in mind, if you can’t run in them they’re not the best tomboy shoes. Printed slip-on are great too. Go for comfortable slip-on with cool designs which are comfortable and can be worn to run around anytime. Look for slip-on with funky designs, brand logos, tribal art, etc.

• Accessories

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Tomboy fashion is about accessorizing less, you must avoid heavy accessories as these are complete deal breaker with the look. Baseball caps are the best way to show off your tomboy look, they also keep you protected from rain, sun and dirt to count a few. You can also rock beanies effortlessly. Use dog tags to add minimal accessories to your look, these look boyish and can be carried around easily with any tomboy look.

• Hairstyle

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Short hair suits the best with any tomboy look, you can always cut your hair short for a change, if you already have short hair then all you need to do is keep them open or tie a little ponytail for the perfect look. But if you have long hair and can’t let go off them, you need to wear them up. Ponytails, half ponies and French braids are great way to keep hair out of your face while running around or playing a sport. Messy buns are the perfect hairstyle for longer hair, tie a high or low loose bun for a perfect look.

• Chapstick/Lip Gloss

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Although tomboy look is about no makeup, it doesn’t mean you have to ditch your skin care entirely. Lips being the most sensitive part of your face need extreme care, drink enough water to keep them from drying, also use a chapstick at regular intervals to avoid dryness and keep the gloss on your lips.

These few simple steps and tips can be followed to go for a perfect tomboyish look. If you’re just trying the tomboy style for a change or experiment, then you can use these outfit even later for a casual look. These will never get old and will never get out of style. You can fuse these clothing items in future to get another look. If you’re a permanent tomboy then your closet must be full of these clothes as you might need them anytime, anywhere.

We hope that if you’re not a tomboy then you’ll try this look for a change sometime, we also hope that you find this blog useful to bring a change to your regular style. We will be back with more informative blogs and more fusion looks, until then stay safe and keep experimenting with your style.

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