Importance of Personal Grooming and tips on personal grooming

Image 1- Personal Grooming

Hello dear readers! How are you guys? We hope that you guys are doing great and are fashionably comfortable in your chic attire. We hope our previous blogs proved useful and you are ready for more.

In most of our blogs we talk about fashion and comfort, but it’s not only comfort that accompanies fashion. There are many more factors that contributes to a chic look, such as trends, confidence and proper grooming being important ones. If you follow the trends you’re definitely fashionable, but if you aren’t properly groomed then it can be a major setback that can destroy any look. Also if you’re properly groomed then you get a direct boost of confidence and you can follow any trend comfortably.

Personal grooming reflects your personality, it’s rightly said that first impressions are the last impression and that first impression can be set right if you are properly groomed. Self grooming not only boosts your confidence but also allows you to stand out in a crowd with the proper vibes. When you are groomed properly you get attention and people praise you for the way you carry yourself. Choosing appropriate attire according to the event conveys your sense of self grooming. When you want to leave an impression on others, the first thing is that you have to focus on your way of dressing and grooming.

Grooming is so important that a research conducted by the University of Chicago and the University of California found that stylish individuals earn up to 22% more in salaries. Proving that if you’re not well groomed, then you aren’t good at whatever you do too. So here are some much needed tips to help you leave a mark.

Here are some tips on personal grooming:

• Nail trimming

Image 2- Nail Trimming

Nails convey a lot about your health as well as social status too. When your nails are properly trimmed and clean of any kind of dirt they become beautiful to look at. If you don’t like longer nails then keep them trimmed, because trimmed nails stay more hygienic and are also easy to look after without the fear of breaking them. But if you are more of a longer nail person then take proper care of them and if needed apply gel transparent nail paint to give them a healthy shine.

• Big no to unwanted hair

Image 3- Big no to unwanted hair

Who even likes unwanted hair because the risks of them showing up and embarrassing you, are higher than embarrassment caused by anything else. This tip isn’t only for women but equally for men too, because unwanted hair can be really gross and a big turnoff as well. Unwanted hair, be it on your body or face need to be tended to timely or they can show out of nowhere. To stay properly groomed always get your forehead, upper lips and eyebrows done on regular time intervals and get full body waxed.

• Comb your hair properly

Image 4- Comb your hair properly

Hairstyle is an important part of any look. When someone analyses your style, face and hair come in sight at first. So, it’s utterly necessary to have the perfect hair. You must shampoo your hair regularly to get them rid of dust, dirt and occasional dandruff flakes. Along with this you must comb your hair properly and can try out different ways to style your hair for a different look each day. Never forget to apply hair serum whenever you decide to let those locks loose, as it keeps the lustre for hours and stops any damage.

• Clean clothes

Image 5- Clean Clothes

The next thing that comes in sight after face and hair are the clothes that you are wearing. Also by saying ‘the clothes you are wearing’ we don’t mean that your clothes should be trendy, but about how hygienic they are. Many times we don’t iron a less crumpled shirt, thinking no one will notice, but this isn’t always the case. People do notice if you’re wearing crumpled clothes or unwashed ones, many times they even notice if you are repeating the same clothes as day before. Hence making it really important to wear clean and ironed clothes.

• Good lingerie

Image 6- Good Lingerie

It is said that a good lingerie boosts your mood just like a cup of coffee any morning. Also this one isn’t only about grooming but about your personal hygiene as well. When you wear good lingerie you are confident inside, thus making you confident on the outside as well. You need to wear clean and dry underclothes daily to avoid any risks of fungal infections as well. A good lingere also makes any of your clothes look perfect on your body, therefore proving its existence on this list.

• Clean or polished shoes

Image 7- Clean or polished shoes

Shoes speak a lot about the person wearing them, that’s why there are different shoes for different people and different occasions. Also, if you are in the business of wearing formals regularly, then clean and polished black shoes are a must have. It’s also necessary to keep inside of shoes clean to avoid fowl smell and fungal infections. It isn’t only about cleaning the top of shoes properly but also about keeping the soles clean. Dirty soles can make any surface dirty, attracting wrong attention towards you. Hence, arises the need to keep shoes clean inside out.

• Avoid dry skin and lips

Image 8- Avoid dry skin and lips

Moisturizing is an important aspect to have good and healthy skin and healthy skin is an important aspect of perfect grooming. Moisturizing the skin makes it glowing, hydrates it for a long time and prevents damage. Dry skin and lips are common in winters, therefore you need to take utmost care during the time. Dry lips can cause serious inflammation and even leave bruises if the skin chips off, so, it is important to use chapstick or natural remedies to cure your dry lips.

• Avoid too much makeup on a daily basis

Image 9- Avoid too much makeup on a daily basis

While makeup can glam any look instantly, it can also be a deal breaker if applied heavily, daily. Using access makeup products can damage your skin on a long term. Also it doesn’t look good each and everyday as some looks demand lesser makeup or no makeup at all. It’s also necessary to check the quality of makeup you are wearing to save your skin from damage.

Above mentioned tips can be really helpful in being well groomed as these are suggested by doctors and grooming experts alike. You can keep these in mind to leave a mark wherever you have a need to impress.

We hope this blog helps you with personal grooming and that you will be back for more tips to follow just like we will be back with more tips to share. Until then stay safe and keep experimenting with your style.

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