5 Professional Interview Grooming Tips For Women For An Online Interview

Hello guys, hope you all are doing great, and now things are getting back to normal but let’s, not forget COVID-19 has changed our normal lifestyle to a great extent. Now we restrict ourselves to go out chill and explore as we used to. Other than this we do most of our work online now and this also changed our dressing sense and grooming styles. Now we are more into something comfortable yet formal so we can work from our crouch but still look apt for meetings. Other than this shift from the office desk to our home’s comfy couch, COVID also changed the recruitment and hiring process for companies. Pre- COVID, face-to-face interviews were preferable to select a suitable candidate for the job but then COVID made companies realize that in this time of social distancing this won’t work anymore, the process of recruitment and hiring through virtual interviews is important and they have to shift the mindset. Now all the companies are preferring for virtual interviews say zoom meeting, skype or WhatsApp video calls. We all are puzzled with questions like how to groom, what is the perfect attire for a virtual interview to look confident and create that first good impression. Well, don’t worry we got your back. We will give you some grooming tips for a virtual interview to make you feel confident because when you feel confident you glow better than ever.

So here are some grooming tips for a virtual interview

Formal Shirt/Top/ Blazer

Image 1- Formal Shirt & Blazer

The way you dress up matters a lot, and if it is for an interview that too virtual interview then you have to be very cautious. Opt for a plain shirt or self-print shirt prefer color shades like white, ice blue, dusty pink, grey. If you opt for a top it should be decent and with a collar or tie. Put on a blazer that gives a more formal look, as for an online interview just your upper portion is visible so make sure to wear an ironed Shirt/top/blazer and look smart.


Image 2- Bun Hairstyle

Hairstyle is another thing you have to keep in your mind,  if you have long hair then make a bun or high pony, if they are short keep them open but it should be properly combed. Apply hair serum to make them look beautiful. Your hair should not look frizzy, it will leave a bad impression on the recruiter’s mind.


Image 3- Attitude Lipstick

Makeup is an important aspect of under-grooming, while appearing for an online interview apply smooth makeup, choose a foundation that merges with your skin tone, apply thin eyeliner, and avoid Kajal. Use medium shade lipstick so that it looks good on screen but avoid dark lipstick shades. In short, avoid heavy makeup. To get this lipstick shade do let us know in the comments below.


Image 4- Watch

For accessories choose a watch and no ring, if you can’t avoid wearing rings make sure you just wear one ring because it does not look good in a professional environment. Wear studs avoid heavy earrings or hoops.

To get this watch click on the link below


Image 5- Matte Nykaa

Nails convey a lot about your personality so make sure that they look beautiful. It should be clean and properly trimmed. Apply a nude or light shade of nail paint or else don’t apply nail paint just use nail gel shiner to make them look beautiful.

To get this nail paint click on the link below

Hope these grooming tips will help you to look confident and smart in an online interview, for more details follow us on Instagram, and do let us know in the comments below about your opinion regarding the same.

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  1. Wow, thank you so very much for your guidance. I hope I will now do my best in the interviews.
    Thanks a lot dear??
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