Outfit Style Idea Valentine’s Day- What to Wear?

Image 1- Perfect Style

Hello guys, hope you all are doing well. It had been a long ride with all the fashion ideas and enthusiasts, we hope you like the ideas and find these useful in your day to day lives.

The year 2020 lasted a long time and we kept waiting for it to end. 2021 came and now the first month of the year has gone, we all have exemplary expectations from this year.

The second month of every year that is February is dedicated to love and lovers worldwide. It’s not only us humans, feels like nature too is in love with all the falling leaves and blooming flowers that we see each day. The day of the lovers, Valentine’s day is approaching fast and we hope that you have planned surprises for your lover. Well other than surprises what matters the most on the 14th of February is your look. So if you have not yet decided about your look for the day don’t worry we are here to help you with this. Let’s celebrate this valentine’s day with a bold and stylish look.

We all want to look incredibly bold and stylish when it comes to a special occasion, well it’s good and one should always take care of their look as it is directly proportionate to your personality.

Valentine’s day is for love and fascination, the colours for valentine’s day are Red, Orange, Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Green and Pink, choose any of these colours to look sassy. We have chosen beautiful orange colour to give you a striking look. Orange is the colour of joy, warmth, enjoyment and fascination,the colour itself describes everything about this day. So here are our tips to style the colour boldly and beautifully.

Look of the day

Image 3- Look of the day

A-line orange short dress

Image 4- A-Line Dress

The beauty of this dress is its colour and simplicity. It’s quite comfortable and cosy according to the weather. If you are a style freak and looking for something which goes well with the weather so this is a nice option. Orange colour also evokes passion, which is perfect for the day.


Image 5- Hoop Earrings

Hoops look good with almost everything, so this is the best option if you are not sure about which earrings to choose for your look, these black hoops complement the entire look. These make any look stylish without much effort.


Image 6- Makeup
Image 7- Soft Wine Lipstick

Every woman is beautiful without makeup but when she applies makeup it magnifies her beauty. Apply this soft wine lipstick with nude eye makeup to balance your overall look. The shade of the lipstick is perfect for the day filled with love. Your makeup will give you a gorgeous diva look. To get this lipstick click on the link below.


Image 8- Ankle Strap Kitten Heels

Footwear plays an important role to complement your overall look. It’s good to be a little obsessed with your footwear. Black goes always well with everything, team up these beautiful kitten black heels with the a-line orange dress. The good thing about these heels is that they are as comfortable as they are stylish and you can wear them for a long time. So don’t worry about sore ankles and make most of V-day.

Make this valentine’s  day more momentous  with your look. Be a sassy lady on the floor and flourish your grace.

Hope this blog will help you all to decide your own beautiful and sassy look for  this valentine’s day. For more styling updates connect with us on instagram and if you have further queries let us know in the comments.



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