How You Should Dress Comfortably At The Airport?

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The scary part of the pandemic is over and the positive part that is, vaccination has started promising us hope. We all are well aware about the consequences COVID-19 had on our lifestyle. Everything has changed after this pandemic. We never thought that at some point in the future we will witness something like this where ordinary life will not remain the same. With the gradual improvements the new normal is definitely over.

Talking about losses that several businesses and industries faced, fashion, hospitality and travel suffered a lot during this pandemic. With all the fashion enthusiasts locked up in homes and no where to go, people stopped shopping altogether.

If we talk about fashion and style it is really important for every occasion how you carry yourself, we constantly talk about your personality which is a mirror effect of how you carry yourself. Basically it is about your grooming. In our previous blogs we talked about basic personal grooming tips in general, this time it is little specific to traveling or how you should carry yourself while traveling to make the trip easy and comfortable. Many people asked us to share some basic grooming tips or traveling grooming tips because just like fashion, airport looks are for everyone too. So don’t worry we are here to share some tips.

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While traveling, especially when you travel by air  then you have to be very careful about your look because at the airport you will find more sorted and sophisticated people, they judge you by the way you carry yourself. Secondly how comfortable your clothes are because comfort is the key while travelling and if style is added to it, it’s a cherry on the top of the cake.

Basic Travelling grooming tips

Image 2- Complete Look

Clothes- Comfortable clothes are preferable while traveling, opt for treggings, track pants or shorts teamed up the loose tees or tops, you can add on pullover or shrug according to the weather and you are done. It’s a really comfortable fusion while travelling.


Image 3- Accessories

While travelling avoid heavy accessories in order to feel comfortable and safe, wear a watch or wrist band and sunglasses that’s enough.


Image 4- Mask

Masks are now the new normal, use comfortable masks as for the safety its important to take precautions.

Makeup- Makeup is normally advisable to avoid while travelling because it causes irritation and spoils the skin but if you can not fully avoid makeup then go for eyeliner, foundation that merges with your skin and lip balm instead of lipstick to maintain the moisture of your lips.

Handbag- Carry a tote bag or hobo bag that should be big enough to carry all your essentials while travelling, and to make it look stylish use a cute bag charm, sanitizer holder or scarf.

Hairstyle- While travelling make a high bun, high pony or fishtail, if your hair is long it is advisable not to keep it open because it causes irritation and spoils your hair. Use crunchy to give it a stylish look.


Image 5- Shoes

Footwear are really important, while travelling restful footwear are advisable – trainers, snickers or joggers are good to opt.

These are 7 basic travelling grooming tips one should follow and feel comfortable. Follow these tips, feel comfortable and look stylish while traveling.

Hope these tips are helpful for you all, if you have any suggestions or queries do let us know in the comments or follow us on instagram.

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