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Image 1- Jumpsuit Styling

Talking about fashionable outfits, do you sometimes face a certain dilemma where you have bunch of clothes stacked in your wardrobe but still have nothing to wear when you are in desperate need. All because you have worn most of your clothes and now they don’t appeal to you the way they used before.

In such times all we wish for is a genie to grant us three outfit wishes. Or maybe you don’t need a genie after all, because this blog might be your little genie that will help you out of such confusing situations.

Because fashion is all about fusion and experiments, and if you are all about experimenting with your style then this blog is definitely for you. And if you are struggling about what to wear then what are you waiting for, lets jump start this blog.

This particular blog will help you to deal with your Jumpsuit. These tips will help you to style your boring Jumpsuit in a chic diva one. If you are bored of wearing your Jumpsuit the same old way then don’t worry just start reading the blog to elevate your style quotient.

Look 1. The side knot

Image 2- Side Knot

For this look all your need is a shrug to layer on top of the Jumpsuit. If you don’t have a shrug then you can opt for a shirt which goes perfectly with your Jumpsuit. Now all you’ve got to do is, wear the shrug on one of your shoulder and let it hang from the another. Now take this hanging piece and tie it up with the one on the shoulder. This will give you a side knot that will make your outfit look entirely different. You can hang a purse to add element to the look. Also if you want you can accessorize by adding a little pendant or a choker. For footwear you can wear high feels for an upbeat look, while shoes will be the best for a casual look.

Look 2. The upper

Image 3- The Upper

You can use the same shrug/shirt and wear it over you Jumpsuit. Let it hang loose on your body so that it gives a peek of your Jumpsuit and of the shrug too. This is the simplest and the most conventional way to style any outfit. Layering is always in fashion and you can do it for any occasion or season. This look will be the best for casual outing or day out with friends. You can style yourself this way for work too. You can also wear little earrings to accessorize to look more casual and comfy.

Look 3. The front knot

Image 4- The front knot

You can again use the same shrug or shirt, if you are styling the same Jumpsuit. All you’ve got to do is hold the two ends of the shrug and tie them up in the classic knot. This look is the most common and the easiest to style. The front knot will give the whole outfit a whole new look and is very easy and comfortable to style and carry. You can accessorize according to the occasion, going for a bag and large hoops for something fancy or a small pendent and small earrings for a casual look. The best part of this look is that you can carry it both formally and casually, thereby giving you more outfit options. For footwear you can go for heels for a formal look and shoes for a casual look.

All these looks are very easy to style and very modest. Everyone can try these without much fuss and styling these will be easy too.

If you have any doubt about the look, then you can watch the video attached below for a visual representation. Or you can always comment asking for advise or doubts.

Video Link

We’ll be back with more ideas and fusions to grace your look, until then stay connected and stay beautiful.

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