About us

Let’s tell you what fashion we are!!

Gargi The Fashion Occasion (GTFO) is the best personal styling agency, introduced by a Professional Fashion Stylist named Gargi Nagariya, that assists you to walk in with the fashion and stay in with the style.

Aren’t you bored of your constant look which has been outdated? Don’t you wanna go sassy and grab everyone’s eye upon you? We guess you do! So just stop wishing and start living, because here at Gargi The Fashion Occasion (GTFO), we offer you high style and exceptional fashion styling services like a fashion advice, taste of selecting and coordinating your outfit with the time or occasions, and choosing the best going props and accessories for your outfit that will chisel your personality, and will enable you to be more appealing.

However, we believe in the relationship of fidelity and trust, and so! We listen and understand your preferences and concerns in a better manner to give you the best you deserve.

As Lady Gaga said “You can wear what you want to wear as long as you believe in it.”

So my dear alluring ones! Just pick your selected style you would like to fit in, and let us know all the details you prefer to possess in your classy outfit. We are all here to guide you, to help you select comfy attire so that you could walk with ease and confident and to transform you into fabulous and charming personality that could attract anyone you pass by.

Explore true style and stay classy!

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