Casual Fusion Guide

Hello dear vogue enthusiast! We hope you are keeping yourselves safe and are keeping up with the quarantine at the same time, by slaying in those chic attire and gorgeous looks. We wish that our fusion blogs help you to decide your different looks be it for the party, casual outings or going for work. […]


For simple, cool and effortlessly feel your choice of fusion matters a lot. For relaxing feel choose something which is easy to carry and simple. For this simple and relaxing feel zara has such a nice option for you that you should give a try. Perfect Fusion This textured top with rhinestone zip is a […]


Casual look is all about feeling relaxed, spontaneous and which you can use it for everyday. So do you want to be carefree? Do you want to look stylish with comfort? Then H&M has a really nice option for you which you should definitely give a try and feel breezy. Perfect Fusion This dress with […]

Comfy Look

During Monsoon season try some gaudy colors, its very much ambigous to decide what to wear for this season, Best choice of attire for the monsoon is to go for comforatable clothes and material should be very thin like chifffon, georgette, linen, rayon because thick clothes are difficult to dry and they smell so bad. […]

Wrap Tunic

Casual look is all depending on your mood and style, you wear what you like. It is not related to any occasion. “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”.                                                      -Coco Chanel Try this light burnt orange loose wrap casual tunic. You will feel comfortable wearing this dress.  Your Makeup “ Hey gorgeous” Your makeup […]

Floral Midi Look

Style is something which is your own. Casual fusion is more about comfort with style. You will choose something which is comfortable, you decide it and you own it. “ If you are lucky enough to be different from everyone else don’t change”.                                                                                                -Taylor Swift Your Dress Always be different from others, make your own […]

About Casual Fusion

“Casual means comfortable, not sloppy                                                      -RMRS Casuals you can choose when you want to be more comfortable, and feel effortesly. Casual look is all about wear what is comfortable for you, what actually you want to express, show it through how you dress up. Casual look is a good choice when all you want to […]

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